Script Wizard contributor Ahmet Faruk will be running a workshop on Taproot, Schnorr, and Liquid at #LightningHackdayIST.

Learn more at https://lightninghackday.fulmo.org/

What Is Script Wizard?

Script Wizard is a new open source project for writing, debugging, and compiling custom scripts for Liquid. It’s both a sandbox for playing around with opcodes and a developer tool for designing covenants.

Script Wizard is built on script-wiz-lib, and you can try out the compiler online at ide.scriptwiz.app. Please keep in mind this is a beta version, and we recommend testing your script on testnet prior to mainnet deployment.

Web app: https://ide.scriptwiz.app/

GitHub: https://github.com/bit-matrix/script-wiz-lib

NPM: https://www.npmjs.com/package/@script-wiz/lib

Twitter: https://twitter.com/script_wizard

Join community: https://t.me/+bEiJnTeu-mA1ODRk